The production of food is almost always traced back to farmland in some way. Demand for farmland is growing and so is the world’s population and the global needs for food are on the rise as well.

Northern Ontario has approximately 16 million acres of ideal farmland, ready for development and can be purchased at an affordable price. Forested Government owned lands of Northern Ontario are rapidly being cleared and tiled to make room for agriculture. In the last 2 years, approximately 4,600 acres of farmland has been cleared and tiled, providing ideal real estate for farmers.

Climate change has led to extended seasons within this region, allowing farmers to produce larger yields. Warmer temperatures and ample rainfall allow farmers to increase their operations for major crops, some of which include: Soybeans and Oats. The unique combination of climate, soil quality, infrastructure and rainfall all make investing in Ontario Farmland an exceptional investment opportunity. These factors provide a very unique opportunity for agricultural producers and processors to enjoy the rewards of a new investment in farmland.

Farmland is also a more stable investments compared to stocks or shares in a company. Canadian farmland value has increased by an average of 14.78 percent in the last five years, according to the Farm Credit Canada. Farmland is an inflation protected asset and is more stable than the stock market. Since farmland is a stable economic investment compared to stocks (which fluctuates and has ups and downs) in fact the supply of farmland has declined over time because of changes in the climate, and urbanization. farmland is a vital commodity and it is one of the biggest reasons why it is a good investment. As the world gets more crowded, the value of productive land will continue to only increase. The amount of farmland in Canada is limited and is slowly decreasing due to developments each year. What survives will become more valuable. A farm is a hard asset that will hold its value. One thing that is for sure, is that farmland scarcer around the world, Canadian farmland will become desirable and valuable. Ontario farmland has the unique ability to service demand both domestically and internationally.

Farmers can now produce and manager larger farms with less effort thanks to better technology. Farmers have been doing this for decades and are starting to snap up neighboring farms when they come up for sale, as they are able to create more efficient, larger and productive farms.

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